Spring 2024 Semester

LIEOC Admission Requirements / Q&A

Residency Eligibility

Submission of a completed Online application form is a standard requirement. LIEOC, serves residents of NY State who can provide proof of residency in NY State. No specific time limit is required. You will qualify for our tuition-free programs if you possess an NYS ID, or Driver's License, or if you have any other official document that shows that you are a NYS resident.

Financial Eligibility:

Individuals from low-income backgrounds or those receiving public assistance may receive priority admission. However, if your financial situation is different please come in person and ask to see a counselor. Documents that are accepted as proof of income are the following: Income Tax Return Form 1040 from previous tax term, SSI benefits letter, statement or declaration of support by a 3rd Party. VA award letter ( Veterans), Workers Compensation Award Letter, Unemployment award letter. Social Services financial benefits statement. If you do not have any of these documents please see a counselor.

Age Eligibility

LIEOC serves adult learners (aged 18 and older), but age requirements may vary. Some programs may be available for younger individuals. An interview with a counselor will be required. The LIEOC is designed to assist individuals who may not have completed high school or need additional support for academic success. As such, specific educational background requirements may be flexible.


If the program selected requires the student to present a HS diploma or GED a copy or HS transcript needs to be presented during the initial intake session with the admissions representative. Applicants need to provide documentation for proof of identity, proof of income, and, if applicable, proof of public assistance or if the applicant is currently living with a significant other or legal guarding, who is providing financial support, a support statement letter will be required. If the applicant just arrived in NY under a refugee program, the applicant would have to demonstrate official documentation from the Department of State / Immigration department. If you do not have any of these documents please visit us and see a counselor

Academic Eligibility

Placement test, High School Diploma or GED, when applying for an academic program that requires the applicant to possess one. ESl classes do not require proof of HS verification. Applicants that had earned more than 32 College Credits from an accredited Higher Education institution do not qualify for EOC program admission.

Placement Testing

The LIEOC assesses the academic skills of incoming students by facilitating a placement test in reading, writing, and math. The test will be administered to determine the appropriate level of instruction. Furthermore, in some instances applicants may be required to participate in an interview or attend an information session to discuss their educational goals and assess the suitability of EOC programs for their needs.

Online and In-person Classes / Times and Days

Daytime classes: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 Am to 1:10 Pm. Evening Classes: 6:00 Pm to 9:30 Pm Online Classes: Provide flexibility in terms of schedule. Students can access materials and lectures at their convenience, or be by their computer at the time and day of your class allowing for better work-life balance. In-Person Classes: Follow a set schedule with specific class times, providing a more structured routine.

Do you Still have Questions?

Call us and ask to talk to a Couselor(631) 434-3740