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Academic Programs

Our Academic programs are designed for adults returning to obtain their education, often for career advancement or personal development from GED classes to College Preparation.

Technology Programs

These programs often blend artistic, creative, and technical skills. Preparing students for careers in Digital Marketing/web development and design to include entrepreneurship and Freelancing.

Medical Field Programs

These programs are a combination of classroom instruction. On-line components and hands-on clinical or practical experiences, Additionally, students are typically required to pass certification exams.

Vocational Programs

Vocational programs, also known as career or technical education (CTE), These classes are educational pathways designed to equip individuals with practical skills and knowledge for specific trades and abilities.

Our Programs

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Submit your application for the upcoming Spring Semester of 2024 or visit us in person at both of our locations. Brentwood EOC at 1090-A Suffolk Ave, and Farmingdale EOC at Suny Farmingdale State College, Hooper Hall.

Flexible Day time and Evening Classes

Evening Classes 6:00 Pm to 9:30 Pm Day Time Classes 9:30 Am to 1:00 Pm

Live Class From anywhere

We will be implementing new distance learning technology (LMS Brightspace) to allow you to take your class virtually from home during the Spring 2024 semester.

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